Chinese Herbal Medicine

The Chinese have treated illness and diseases with a safe and reliable form of medicine for thousands of years, this is a system know as herbal medicine and the variety of conditions and illnesses it is thought to help are numerous. It is a totally holistic form of medicine which is safe for people of all ages and for most conditions, the practitioner will take into account any other treatment you are taking before prescribing the correct remedy and dosage for your needs.

What does herbal treatments consist of?

Herbal treatments are available in many different formats with the more popular ones being available as dried leafs or in bags for making tea, pills and capsules. You should however always buy your herbal medication from an herbalist to ensure that the correct treatment is taken and in the correct dosage.

Several herbal medications are now offered as tinctures or freeze dried powders with most of them tasting bitter at first to the person who hasn’t tried them before, it is not long though before the vast majority of people get used to their distinct taste.

As the remedies are tailored to suit a person’s particular needs there isn’t any set price for treatment although supermarkets do now sell some pre prepared herbal treatments for a set price. However, if you haven’t taken herbal treatments before you should always get advice from an herbalist before taking any over the counter remedies.

More and more health insurance companies are now including holistic forms of treatment in their cover so it is worth checking out your policy if you become ill and want to look into a holistic approach as either a supplement to traditional medication or an alternative.

Are herbs safe to take?

If the practitioner has been trained and has knowledge of the plants and herbs used in Chinese medicine and they prescribe the herbs, then they are usually quite safe to take. Chinese medicine has come a long way over the last few years with more and more people practicing it and practitioners now place great emphasis on the protection of the patient, with allergic reactions to the plants and herbs used in the medicine very rarely occurring in patients.

When advising treatment for a condition the herbalist will normally use a combination of herbs as different components found in different herbs, combine to balance each other. As the Chinese strongly believe that it is the disharmony of the Qi that is imbalanced in our body, treatments are usually given and diagnosed based on patterns and signs and symptoms that reflect an imbalance in the body’s energy flow.

During your first consultation with the Chinese herbalist, a full medical history will be taken and most will aid their diagnosis with a tongue examination. The Chinese believe that by looking at your tongue they can get a good idea of what underlying problems you might have that could be causing the depletion or blockage of Qi and therefore what’s causing your problem.