How does my organization become a member of the EATCM?

The EATCM is open to all non-profit professional organizations, associations, and federations that are involved in one of these fields, Acupuncture, Herbology, Tuina, Chinese Dietetics or Qi Gong, also known as TCM. Their involvement must be at a professional level, while also supporting our objectives and aims. To register for a membership, all you have to do is download and fill out the registration form. The form can be emailed to info@eatcm.net. More information can be found at our Memorandum.

What level of training do the practitioners in the association have to undertake?

The minimum educational criteria for membership was determined back in 2000. Before it was discussed the EATCM, operated with an open door policy for their application process. There was no specified educational requirement for entry, the only thing that was needed was the acceptance to work towards the objective of the EATCM. After the discussion took place, the EATCM general assembly decided to have a minimum educational level to be accepted in. The standards are based on the minimum standards of acupuncture or a TCM practitioner. All new member organizations have a 3-year time limit to reach the EATCM educational criteria.

What are the benefits of having a membership?

We work in several ways to help our members.-We are able to work as PR agency. This means that we continually lobby to get TCM therapies to be included into Europe’s national health systems as well as being covered by social and private insurance companies.

We strive to work as an information network. With many years of experience under our belts, we are able to share our experience with all of our members. This ranges from informal meet-ups, newsletters, special events, and forum discussions.-We also have a set quality standard for education and practition. We have created the accreditation system that is put in place for Traditional Chinese Medicine education in Europe for the professional practice as well as the TCM therapies.

With this accreditation system was are able to create a movement of freedom for many practitioners across Europe.-We work as an aid in academic growth and research. We want to strengthen the international academic exchange, while also assisting in academic collaboration with European colleges and universities. While promoting scientific research in safety, validity, usefulness and efficacy of the TCM therapies.

The last thing we offer our members is our lobbying agency. We get a voice on the relevant EU committees and forums that are concerned with contemporary therapies. This means that we are able to inform and educate many decision makers on policy and provision.