Member Services

How We Help Our Members

As a PR Agency
We always lobby to have TCM therapies included in all of Europe’s national health systems, as well as have them covered by all private and public insurance companies.

As an Information Network
Our organization contains a great deal of experience that we share, which benefits all of our members. This includes information regarding informal meetings, special events, newsletters, etc.

As a Quality Standard for Both Practice and Education
We strive to help all member organizations develop an accreditation system for education regarding traditional Chinese medicine in order to allow the quality of TCM education to be maintained enough to allow professional practices to be proficient. A parity of educational standards will results in a greater freedom of movement all across Europe.

As an Aid to Academic Research and Growth
We strive to not only help assist academic collaboration, but also to strengthen international academic exchange with various European universities and colleges. We also work to promote various aspects of scientific research regarding TCM therapies in terms of factors such as validity, efficacy, usefulness, and safety.
As a Lobbying Agency
Our organization works to lobby for all of our members’ common interests by obtaining a voice on all relevant EU committees that are concerned with complementary therapies. This will allow us to both educate and inform decision-makers regarding both provisions and policies, particularly in reference to therapies involving TCM.