Education And Information

Our overall goal is to develop and promote higher standards of education all throughout Europe in order to enable other various agencies to become involved in all aspects of healthcare. This includes those whoa re responsible for policies, having confidence in competence, safety, and ethical behaviors of practitioners when it comes to treating all members of the general public. We also want to help enable the exchange of information and expertise between various institutions and representatives from organizations who seek to responsibly provide education all across Europe.

Every year, our organization organizes an event known as European School Leaders Day. This is always done at the biggest TCM Conference in Europe, which allows us to better foster the exchange of both information and expertise between various schools and representatives from other organizations with a similar responsibility for providing education.

We also host a special symposium every two years in a different member country. Furthermore, we have established a minimal amount of educational criteria to allow organizations to become members of EATCM.