Chinese Medicine and the EU

Working with the EU

We try to develop influence within the relevant EU committees and groups that relate to complementary therapies. As such, we can increase the level of influence of our members. EATCM therapies deserve more influence than they have, and we can work to ensure that policy makers know more about them.

Mission Statement

Our advocacy team works by appealing to the health political level of the EU from the inside and outside. We also work with the World Health Organization and organizations over many different continents.

By working within all of these different organizations like this, it is easier to advocate for TCM and acupuncture. Chinese medicine truly does have a great deal of potential and can certainly be integrated within the modern healthcare system. Networking in this matter is going to help increase the influence of Chinese medicine.

The EU is probably one of the largest organizations that we work with in order to increase the influence of traditional Chinese medicine. The World Health Organization is the other large organization we work with, particularly given the size of their Traditional and Complementary Medicine unit. We have had a continuous exchange lasting around three years with them. At the moment, we are trying to get a clear definition of EATCM terms through, which will be a vital part of a ten-year strategy.

Networking on behalf of TCM is going to help to increase the legitimacy of TCM in the eyes of the general public and the health organizations of the world. Making the flow of information and professional organization better is going to make all the difference at this point in time.

Our organization is trying to increase the level of scientific input related to TCM and to make it easier for people to get the information that they need. In North America and Australia, the influence of TCM is growing all the time. We can make it expand further.

Promoting Research

Here at the EATCM, it is our desire to see that the appropriate amount of scientific research is vetted into the validity, safety, efficacy, and usefulness of TCM therapies. This includes research that is respectful to every bit of the integrity of TCM and that helps to gain a wider amount of both acceptance and recognition all throughout Europe.

Our overall aim is to not only strengthen international academic exchange, but also to assist academic collaboration with various European universities, colleges, and other similar educational institutions that are involved in all sorts of useful research.

The EATCM is an organization that also works hard to bring various research outcomes into an actual clinical practice to help others in many different ways.

The EATCM, as a form of umbrella network that has direct contact with thousands of medical practitioners throughout Europe, provides different education and guidelines in terms of understanding the results of research, as well as encouraging members to input those findings into their basic decision making.